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The Status of Indonesian Coastal Ecosystems 2019

After the long term monitoring program through COREMAP-CTI, our scientists have revealed that, in general, the Indonesian coastal ecosystems are in moderate condition.  Seagrass Seagrass ecosystem is a key part of Indonesia’s marine environment providing significant ecosystem services t...

Indonesian Reef Health Index

The Research Center for Oceanography, through COREMAP-CTI, has been applying the reef health index over Indonesian coral reefs. The index includes not only the current condition of coral reefs (determined by the live coral cover), but also the recovery potential which is very important to understand the ability of the reefs to return to the previous conditions before disturbances occur. Furthermore, the index also takes account of fish biomass as a proxy for the current condition of coral reefs. In fact, high coral cover does not always have high fish biomass. Such condition could be attributed to the natural condition or over exploitation.

In general, the Indonesian reef health index is 5 (scale 10), indicating that the coral reef condition is categorized medium with high recovery potential but low fish biomass. It appears that in Tual, Sikka, and Tapteng, the reef health index is very low (red dots) and commonly caused by anthropogenic factor, mainly blast fishing. To address this situation, it is strongly recommended to improve law enforcement and people participation in conservation. Reef restoration as an active intervention in a long time period is certainly needed to not only return the habitat but also the fish communities.